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Jones Lake West BC


Jones Lake is far from everything, but it still accessible by car. When travelling with a little eight month girl it is better to have an accessible route at hand. Anyway…we ignore all safety precautions and we take the long and winding track that lead us to the reservoir, on a sunday afternoon. When we arrived few campers are still around the lake. As we seek a nice spot to settle, suddenly a man and his son come to warn us that a forest fire has just started. They leaves us to prevent the forest services and avises me to leave quickly. I prefere to be sure and go to the scene of fire.



I believe it is stil possible to turn it of. Wind blows strongly, and spill the flames. I must not dawdle. I grab an empty can of gazoline find on the ground and fill it up with the water of the lake. After fifteen roundtrip, I succeed to stop a part of the fire.

But some flames are still spreading. Canadiens finally meet me up with some shovels and buckets. Half an hour later, the fire is completely extinguishes. The risk is behind us,  so we congratulate each others as new fellow firefighters. The lake finally belongs to us, deserted by the last cowards.

We select a first choice site to settle, for this well deserved night. While the forest services helicopter makes a final round, to check there’s no more risk, the sun goes down behind the mountain ridges.

We turn on a controled fire to keep us warm and cook our diner. Wind is not blowing any more and leave space to the quiet and farseeing night. Our daughter is sleeping peacefully. As an habit we open a beer and watch the silence.


Photography and text: Alfred Cromback