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It is 9 am. On the docks of Seattle, a man hidden behind its glasses watchs the ships flow. The excitement of the city pushes us towards the ferry gates. We ship to Olympic Peninsula. This detour was not planned in our schedule. But after several days spent in Seattle an irresistible need to reach the ocean invaded us. No matter, we are aquipped to deal with the unexpected.



She grabs her white cup, full of black coffee. And turns her face towards the large window facing the sea. His eyebrows wrinkle to combat the blinding brightness. A whole univers is waiting for us out there. A fog carpet covers the ocean and caress supplant pine rocks. We elected the unknown as companions. Whithout knowing where we will sleep tonight we move forward. What a fortune !


She’s a foreigner but she does not seem to be. She arrived a long time ago on this wild coast. She took up residence with her deceased husband. Full of joy and melancholy at the same time, she welcomes us with kindness, curious of these strangers that we were.

Photography and text: Alfred Cromback