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Voitto and the Eagle


It was a dream. Finland. Both wise and eccentric. What power ! As Gaël Wuithier (Woodlabo designer) says : Here everybody builds his house with his own hands, it is in the genes ». From Turku,the road slips between fields of wheat,pin and birches trees.Regularly bridges allow us to pass from one island to another.

Woodlabo invited me in early september to capture his woodlight « the eagle collection ». It is the essence of his inspiration that he wishes to transcribe, finnish islands. What a great opportunity to experience the fusion of design and adventure.



This is how we go to Voitto, their faithful friends. His house is on the island of Airismaa. The truck ends up finding a small dirt road, cracking the fir forest, at the end of which is his house. Voitto welcomes us warmly. Adorned with his smile and discretion. Obviously language separates us, but his good humor and his enthusiasm allow him to be understood very easily. Obviously language separates us, but his good humor and his enthusiasm allow him to be understood very easily.

As soon as arrived, Gael takes me to scouts the islands, for the takes. Every day we sail from one island to another and return to Voitto. I constantly feel that an eagle follows us and that Voitto does not lose sight of our peregrinations. When we return it always appears at the end of the pontoon, we go up to warm up around a cafe, to tell him about our last adventure.

Voitto Aukusti Soini is a ice hockey champion. In 1960, he participated in the Olympic Games in California. And in 1986, he was inducted into the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame. Today he is a peacefull retired, between its cottage on the island of Airismaa and Turku. Passionate about art; he paint and sculpt landscapes and portraits. An eternal youth, who enjoys life every moment. He likes to dance, to drink glasses with his friends and to laugh a lot.



It’s 5:00 in the morning. The stars are reflected in this calm sea. The islands fly into this black, infinite space. The roar of the engine takes us off. We oscillate between the islands.Gael no longer needs the map, he knows the way. The cold wind strikes our faces and reminds us that all this is real. They eventually appear. Their warm light calls us. We quietly get closer. Here they are, standing on these thousand-year-old rocks. Waiting for us …

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Photography and text: Alfred Cromback